Igniting the passion in Math

Brainetics is a revolutionary new mind-and-memory program designed to unleash the potential of the human brain.
Brainetics does more than teach children how to multiply 37 by 68 in seconds (the answer is 2,516, by the way!). Using patterns, memory games and fun exercises, kids who are nervous about numbers learn that they aren't scary and kids who are already math whizzes get a great new challenge with numbers. The best part is that Brainetics teaches all of them how to do things they never thought possible with their minds! Brainetics' mission is to get kids excited about math and learning
Brainetics is a learning program designed to engage children fourth grade and above in math and learning with skills that can be used in everyday life. Using fun exercises and challenges, Brainetics harnesses the potential of kids at an age when they are uniquely open for math, reason and memory development.
• Turbo charge your memory for better performance!
• Increase confidence which translates into better grades
• Improve Focus and Concentration to make learning more fun!

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